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ABP060 Interview: Frank Zafiro Returns with four more books

ABP060 Interview: Frank Zafiro Returns with four more books

A returning guest, Frank Zafiro has four new books in 2023, adding to his catalog of more than forty novels (most of them crime fiction). Frank writes his crime thrillers with the understanding of someone who has spent decades in law enforcement. This has allowed him to write books that brings the reader to feel the real life police officer’s life. He also explores characters on the “other” side of the badge — the criminals — with equal humanity.

In Frank Zafiro’s return to the podcast, we discuss his four new books of 2023 and some beyond. This interview with Frank is filled with insights and look ahead of a few of his series. For any crime thriller fan or just passing interested reader, you will be happy to discover Frank Zafiro and his series.

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