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Frank Zafro
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Fiction, Nonfiction
Mystery, Children’s
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United States
Frank writes gritty crime fiction from both sides of the badge. He was a police officer from 1993 to 2013, retiring as a captain. He has written over 35 novels, most of them mysteries. In addition to writing, Frank is an avid hockey fan and a tortured guitarist. He lives in Redmond, Oregon.

River City Series (police procedurals)

  • Under a Raging Moon
  • Heroes Often Fail
  • Beneath a Weeping Sky
  • And Every Man Has To Die
  • The Menace of the Years
  • Place of Wrath and Tears
  • Dirty Little Town
  • The Worst Kind of Truth

Some Degree of Murder (with Colin Conway)

  • Chisolm’s Debt
  • The Trade Off

Stefan Kopriva Mysteries (Private Investigator)

  • Waist Deep
  • Lovely, Dark and Deep
  • Friend of the Departed

SpoCompton Crime Novels (Hard boiled)

  • At Their Own Game
  • In the Cut
  • All the Pieces Fall
  • Live and Die This Way (late 2022)

Bricks & Cam Jobs (hard boiled, dark humor) (with Eric Beetner)

  • The Backlist
  • The Short List
  • The Getaway List

Charlie-316 series (Police Procedural) (with Colin Conway)

  • Charlie-316
  • Never the Crime
  • Badge Heavy
  • Code Four
  • The Ride-Along

with Lawrence Kelter The Last Collar (procedural)

Fallen City (procedural)

No Dibs on Murder (dark humor)

The Ania Series (Hard Boiled) (with Jim Wilsky)

  • Blood on Blood
  • Queen of Diamonds
  • Closing the Circle
  • Harbinger

Jack McCrae Mysteries (Private Investigator)

  • At This Point in My Life
  • All That This Life Requires

Sandy Banks Thrillers

  • The Last Horseman
  • Some Kind of Hell (forthcoming)

Other Novels

An Unlikely Phoenix (Alternate History)

A Grifter’s Song series (creator and editor) (Noir, Grifter)

  • The Concrete Smile (#1)
  • Come the Apocalypse (#7)
  • Down Comes the Night (ep #13)
  • The Reckoner (#14)
  • The Alpha Whisperer (#21)

River City Short Story Collections

  • Dead Even
  • No Good Deed
  • The Cleaner
  • Sugar Got Low

As Frank Scalise

All That Counts (Adult sports - hockey)

A Village of Strangers (literary)

A Baker’s Divorce (June 2022) (Dramedy)

Six Sons (2022) (Family Saga)

Playing Out the String (2022) (Adult sports - hockey, drama)

Sam the Hockey Player series (middle grade)