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Interview: Friztnel Octave (Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope)

Fritznel Octave searched through the history of Haiti and the impact the country had on the North and South America continent. In his Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope: The progressive Ideals from the Revolution of 1804 Set the Pace, you find a wonderful tool to explore history of one island country that impacted so much. […]

Interview: Paul Attaway (Blood in the Low Country & Eli’s Redemption)

Paul Attaway steps back in time with his books, but not too far, and takes you with him. In Blood in the Low Country, he begins the journey in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1970s. Paul captures a time and feeling in the not-too-distant American past in a way that evokes the notion that within […]

Interview: Peter Clenott (The Unwanted and others)

Peter Clenott drives his books from a time that seems to be distance from reality, but not to be forgotten. From The Hunted or Hunting The King, to The Unwanted; Peter allows his passions to explore different stories to entertain his readers. His love of history and his grandfathers stories, he found the story of […]

Interview: Travis Davis (Flames of Deception)

Travis Davis leaves you questioning what if what he wrote is real or a fiction of his mind. In the first of what will most likely be a long line of novels, Flames of Deception could just have espionage novels fans falling in love with this series. Don’t miss what happens when three major countries […]

Interview: Peter Rosch (My Dead Friend Sarah and others)

Peter Rosch is a man who finds himself with many demons. In his fight, Peter fight to keep his demons in the past and shares the struggle in his fictional novels. In his books, Peter brings the challenges of addiction and recover. His thrillers are written to bring out feelings and questions most people don’t […]

Interview: Amber Boudreau (The Dragoneer and the Pretender)

Amber Boudreau does it again with another book in the Dragoneer Series. Now with three books to her name and more coming, Amber started with making you love her stories and the characters. Now she takes her readers to another world in her new book The Dragoneer and the Pretender. Amber discusses her first two […]

Interview with Gordon Byron/Timothy Byron (The Superspecies & Young Love, Old Lore)

Gordon Bryon (Timothy Byron) finds a way to bring a story to life and explore the balance in life and nature. First we are shown in his Superspecies series what the consequences of when mankind try’s to play God and nature takes control. Nature will find a way to survive, but the question is will […]

Interview: Fanus W Woldegebriel (Immigrant: Mental Health)

Fanus W. Woldegebriel bring a powerful insight to her book Immigrant: Mental Health. In this book Fanus shares her experience of a first generation immigrant family. Damage of a person can come from more than a physical wound. She leads us to discover the mental illness her mom developed and what it did to her. […]

Interview: Dianne C. Braley (The Silence in the Sound)

Dianne C. Braley is the author of The Silence in the Sound. She will bring you into the not so rich and not so famous side of Martha’s Vineyard. She walks her readers through a compelling story of romance, family issues, and more of what life can bring. Dianne uses her book to show the […]

Interview: Jonathan R. Rose (Wedlock)

Jonathan R. Rose writes from a place of love for the Latin American world and the dozen years he spent there. Leaving his home in Canada, he drove south until English was no longer spoken. Without knowing what he was getting himself into, Jonathan chased his dream of becoming the best storyteller he could possibly be. […]