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Interview with Darcy Louma Author Blurb Podcast

With all the hurdles you have to get over in life, you need to be Thoughtfully Fit®. With Darcy Louma and her book Thoughtfully Fit: Your Training Plan for Life and Business Success, you can learn what hurdles to expect and some insights to be able to get over them. To give a quote about […] The post Interview with Darcy Louma first appeared on The Author Blurb Podcast.
  1. Interview with Darcy Louma
  2. Interview with Ruth Sharp
  3. Interview with Nauman Raja
  4. Interview with Frank Zafiro

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  • The Author’s Guide to Podcast Stardom

    Six Tips to Help You Impress On-Air Indie authors cram their book marketing plans with social media posts, blog tours, bookstore signings, and more, in the hopes of winning a nanosecond of attention or, gosh, to sell a book.  One marketing strategy for authors that is still somewhat overlooked involves booking yourself on a podcast […]


    The percentage of teens using illicit substances dropped significantly in 2021 as the pandemic forced them into isolating from friends, classrooms and extracurricular activities. Alcohol, marijuana and nicotine vaping – the most commonly used substances by teens all showed declines from 2020.These findings were reported by a Monitoring the Future survey conducted by the University […]

  • Moving Forward: Adapting to Sight and Hearing Loss Moment by Moment

    Hi! I’m Amy Bovaird—a Christian, former ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, Author, Speaker, Educator and Mentor. I work as a cashier at a local grocery store, which I love.  Active in my community, I lead an ongoing pill bottle donation drive, liaise with several organizations and support fellow authors. I’m an encourager and […]