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Interview with Amy L Bernstein Author Blurb Podcast

Walking in several genres, Amy L Bernstein joins the show to discuss her books The Potrero Complex, The Nighthawkers, and Dreams of Song Times. She has a life full of writing that includes being a journalist, speechwriter, playwright, and novelist. To top it off, Amy is a nonfiction book coach, but that was not discussed […] The post Interview with Amy L Bernstein first appeared on The Author Blurb Podcast.
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  3. Interview with Jim Flynn
  4. Interview with Richard Capriola

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    Scott Warrick, JD, MLHR, CEQC, SHRM-SCP Scott Warrick Human Resource Consulting & Employment Law Services (614) 738-8317    ♣    scott@scottwarrick.comWWW.SCOTTWARRICK.COMLink Up With Scott On LinkedIn Scott’s was diagnosed with PTSD.  His son was born with Asperger’s Autism. Traditional psychiatric care was not helpful, even though they sought the best care the medical profession could offer at […]

  • What keeps you up at night?

    In ancient Rome, when the conquering generals would return to Rome following their victory in battles, they would typically be in a chariot, which was a ritual procession, the highest honor bestowed upon a general in the ancient Roman republic. This was the summit of the career of a Roman aristocrat and the opportunity for […]

  • The Author’s Guide to Podcast Stardom

    Six Tips to Help You Impress On-Air Indie authors cram their book marketing plans with social media posts, blog tours, bookstore signings, and more, in the hopes of winning a nanosecond of attention or, gosh, to sell a book.  One marketing strategy for authors that is still somewhat overlooked involves booking yourself on a podcast […]