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ABP022 Interview: Thom Reese ( The Voyage of the Amethyst Castle)

ABP022 Interview: Thom Reese ( The Voyage of the Amethyst Castle)

Thom Reese Returns to discuss his exciting new YA novel The Voyage of the Amethyst Castle. What started as a passion writing project, became an adventure into clashing worlds that calls two teens to help save the residents before its too late. In what is called a cross of Harry Potter and the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, The Voyage of the Amethyst Castle will have you laughing and excited as you go from page to page.

You will be happy to hear Thom Reese come back on to discuss his new book that even got the host’s interest. Thom takes us down a different path than he did on his last visit to the show. He tells us about stepping away from his other series to bring a YA fantasy novel. Then Thom tells us enough to start seeing the world he created and asking for more.

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