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ABP048 Interview: Archie Roy (King Solomon's Empire and more)

Dr. Archie W. N. Roy uses his knowledge and tools to give people an entertaining set of books that also educate his readers. Starting with Real Lives, Archie brings light to people with Albinism. Then he takes up the challenge to look at dreams from a Christian perspective in his book The God of Dreams. He wraps up his list of books to date with King Solomon’s Empire.

You can now learn how Dr. Archie W. N. Roy started to use his background to provide books that draws people in as much as he does in this conversation. He starts us with understanding Albinism and what got him interested in making the book. Then we really dive into his dream book and King Solomon’s Empire: The Rise, Fall and Modern-Day Influence of an Iron-Age Ruler. History buffs and those who love to learn will not want to miss hearing Archie or reading his books.

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