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Richard Hewitt (Risbek)
Fiction, Nonfiction
Adventure, YA (Young Adult), Historical fiction, Children’s
History, Other
United States
I spent 20 years in Kyrgyzstan, one of the most culturally and spiritually exotic regions on earth. A rural Kyrgyz family "adopted" me as an adult into their family high in the Tian Shan Mountains. My age placed me as the 5th of 13 adult children, but I was often called the 13th child of my Kyrgyz father and mother, who had been born in yurts before the Soviet era arrived to their region. Risbek is my Kyrgyz name. During my time in Kyrgyzstan, I started a seed project and published 5 or 6 books and a screenplay in the Kyrgyz language (1994-2013) and presented many academic papers at conferences on Kyrgyzstan's legendary epic, Manas (2006-2021). My academic topics touch on history and culture with an emphasis on the preIslamic faith of ethnic Kyrgyz. Primarily, I've been discussing whether the Kyrgyz hero, Manas son of Jakyb, is the Script's Manasseh son of Jacob. My discussions, roundtables, and interactive lectures include elements and audiences of all faiths. I was born in Santa Monica, California where I presently reside.
  • Come Home: Extending the Script’s Jewish Template to all Nations, Faiths and Indigenous Messianic Cultures (Nonfiction Religious, History)
  • Lost Tribes of Israel Found in the Epic Manas (Nonfiction History/Cultural Anthropology)
  • Semetey the Hidden Semite (Historical Fiction/Young Adult)
  • Ancestral Passage: a screenplay (Fiction, Action)
  • The Wanderer (Fiction, Action)

I'm dyslexic. I have always been terrible at English, but I see life as pictures and try to describe the world the way I see it. Somehow, I became an author in the process