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ABP006 Interview: Erez Agam (Berlin's Immigration Secrets)

ABP006 Interview: Erez Agam (Berlin's Immigration Secrets)

When you’re looking to find a new start or an adventure of creating a new life, you will enjoy listen to Erez as he explains his own challenges. In his own experience, he takes you along with him to learn what it took to keep going and make it in his new home. His book Berlin’s Immigration Secrets, you get a mixture of his memoir, a self-help book, and emotional experience.

In this informative conversation, Erez Agam goes through his decision to leave Israel and find a new place to call home. His journey will be able to serve as a guide to immigrating to Berlin and prepare you for the emotional challenges he faced. Listening to him speak and reading his book, you might just find that key for you to start your new adventure.

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