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ABP001 Interview: G. Scott Graham Author of Sixteen books

ABP001 Interview: G. Scott Graham Author of Sixteen books

There could not of been a better guest author to have on for the first episode of the Author Blurb podcast. On this episode, I talk with G. Scott Graham about several of his sixteen books and his many accomplishments. Scott in an upbeat conversation that covers a lot of topics that went from some promises don’t care about weather to he views on Marijuana.

In Scott’s own words, is driven to help clients follow their “true azimuth”. He brings his coaching experience and lessons he learned in his life into his books.

After listening to the show, you will find the generous and happy person that loves what he has written, and his roles as a business coach. I encourage anyone anyone to go to Scott’s website and feel free to contact him for any questions you have.

You can find G. Scott Graham’s information on guest list or his his website that is here in the show notes.





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