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ABP037 Interview: Peter Clenott (The Unwanted and others)

ABP037 Interview: Peter Clenott (The Unwanted and others)

Peter Clenott drives his books from a time that seems to be distance from reality, but not to be forgotten. From The Hunted or Hunting The King, to The Unwanted; Peter allows his passions to explore different stories to entertain his readers. His love of history and his grandfathers stories, he found the story of his newest book The Unwanted.

In this discussion, Peter Clenott gives us an overview of his older books before we discuss his new book The Unwanted. He takes us back to World War II in Nazi Germany. Listening to Peter, you will find the historical fiction fan inside you will want to read The Unwanted. Don’t miss Peter discuss his books and the story behind them.

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