June 3, 2023

Gordon Bryon (Timothy Byron) finds a way to bring a story to life and explore the balance in life and nature. First we are shown in his Superspecies series what the consequences of when mankind try’s to play God and nature takes control. Nature will find a way to survive, but the question is will man. Then he takes us to the life of a young couple in the Paul and Sandy Series. This romantic thriller explores the life of a young couple that might not be a couple for long. Gordon shows how an accident may seem to ruin a life, but can also have a light to help with a bright future if it is seen.

In this episode of Author Blurb, Gordon Bryon (Timothy Byron) tells us of the reasoning that had him write the Superspecies series and the Paul and Sandy series. Gordon might just leave you asking yourself questions you have not, but he will entertain you. He does leaving you wanting, but wanting to read his books.

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