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ABP013 Interview: Amber Boudreau (The Dragoneer & Second Nature)

Amber Boudreau takes us down two different paths with her fantasy books. In her first book “The Dragoneer”, Amber tells us about a world where magic and dragons are real, but not known to most people. Then comes her book “Second Nature”, a story that gives the idea of discovering yourself a whole other meaning. Amber’s female protagonist explores waking up in a world with no memory of who she is or her past. That is not the only challenge she faces as she wakes to a world where werewolves walk in the open.

In our conversation, Amber tells me about her books and what got her into writing them. She shares with us the different insights that she finds in her books and the challenges her characters have to face. With all the twists and turns, she tells us how one of her books will move forward and made available for her fans to enjoy.

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