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ABP015 Interview: Nauman Raja (The Land of Amer)

Take an adventure to The Land of Amer. Nauman Raja takes us on a journey of his book and how he began writing. In his High fantasy novel, you’re going to find that you are not in the normal fantasy world, but one that is based off an Eastern Asian and Middle East mythos. In an interesting conversation about how The Land of Amer began and his love of fantasy.

Raja tells us about how making stories and loving fantasy help him learn to read English. That was only the beginning and the building blocks of his dream to be a writer. Here is just the start of his world he shares with us. If the conversation with Raja, the reviews of his book, and all the other things I have learned about him are any indication of what to expect of his books; I would say that you should not miss this journey and follow him as he shows you a new world.

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