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ABP030 Interview: Jonathan R. Rose (Wedlock)

Jonathan R. Rose writes from a place of love for the Latin American world and the dozen years he spent there. Leaving his home in Canada, he drove south until English was no longer spoken. Without knowing what he was getting himself into, Jonathan chased his dream of becoming the best storyteller he could possibly be. During that journey, he learned, absorbed, and fell in love with the reality of Mexico and the incredible world that lay far beyond, south of its border.

In our conversation, Jonathan tells us about the incredible journey he took to find his stories. Never really feeling at home in Canada, Jonathan R. Rose found much of what he was looking for down in Mexico, and a great deal more. His tale of barely speaking a word of Spanish, while nervously holding an English/Spanish dictionary in hand, to becoming part of the local community after many years, enabled him to share with us, through his books, a world most people don’t see

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