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ABP039 Interview: Friztnel Octave (Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope)

Fritznel Octave searched through the history of Haiti and the impact the country had on the North and South America continent. In his Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope: The progressive Ideals from the Revolution of 1804 Set the Pace, you find a wonderful tool to explore history of one island country that impacted so much. A must have book for any history buff and inquiring minds. Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope can educate and entertain you in your search for knowledge.

On this episode, Fritznel Octave guides us through the history of how his book came to be. He fills out discussion with facts and events that leads some to wanting to know more about Haiti and the effects he explains it had on the world. They say learning from the past can help build a better future. Now Fritz gives us an chance to learn of a seldom told history.

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