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ABP017 Interview: Darcy Louma (Thoughtfully Fit)

With all the hurdles you have to get over in life, you need to be Thoughtfully Fit®. With Darcy Louma and her book Thoughtfully Fit: Your Training Plan for Life and Business Success, you can learn what hurdles to expect and some insights to be able to get over them. To give a quote about Darcy, “After coaching thousands of people, Darcy Luoma found that every client struggles with one (or more!) of these hurdles.”

Darcy Louma is a couch and consultant that took her experience to find some tools to help people do better in life. With years of research, emotional challenges, and facing her internal & external hurdles, Darcy wrote her book for others to build a successful life professionally or personally. She explains how to build a core up to stay Thoughtfully Fit® and be ready for the race of life.

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