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Newsletter Success

Thank you for joining me and getting updates. As a member of the Author Blurb Podcast newsletter, you will be getting a heads up of who is scheduled to be interviewed and what Authors will be airing.

The monthly Newsletter will be sent out at the beginning of each month. You can find out the entire schedule for the shows to air for the month, who is will be interviewed, and any event before its announced on any social media. As an additional feature, you will also see all the most recent articles that the Guest Authors have written for your enjoyment.

To make sure you get these emails, check you inbox for the welcome email. These emails some times can go to your spam box, but we know that is not where they belong. If you find the welcome email in your spam folder, tell your email provider we are not spam. There should be a ”not spam” button to click.

Now importantly, go rate the show where ever you enjoy it and tell others about Author Blurb. That helps people to find the show. It also makes me feel good and I like feeling good.