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ABP038 Interview: Paul Attaway (Blood in the Low Country & Eli's Redemption)

Paul Attaway steps back in time with his books, but not too far, and takes you with him. In Blood in the Low Country, he begins the journey in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1970s. Paul captures a time and feeling in the not-too-distant American past in a way that evokes the notion that within the genre of historical fiction we need a subcategory called nostalgic fiction. His love for Charleston, storytelling, and the characters he introduced us to in his first book drove him to write a second book, Eli’s Redemption.

Now you can hear Paul Attaway in his own words explain his books and how he became the author he is. As we talk, Paul offers glimpses into the stories he has written and what he is working on. Now is your chance to find that new author you will want to tell others about. Fans of historical fiction, nostalgic fiction, and general fiction will want to hear from Paul.

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