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ABP072 Review: The Thing From HR by Roy M Griffis

The Thing From HR by Roy M Griffis is full of surprises. In this review a look at what Griffis has written in his start of a series that brings humor to the world of H.P. Lovecraft. Even those who are not fans of H.P. Lovecraft will want to hear this review of The Thing From HR.

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ABP020 Interview: Jim Flynn (Losing Lola and others books)

Jim Flynn joins us and discuss his books of financial thrillers and more. Jim found his enjoyment of writing after being a contestant on Jeopardy. He then wrote his first book Be Sincere Even When you Don’t Mean It; where he takes you on a fun ride in a life of a fictional unknown famous person. Then he moved to his well accepted series of a financial thrillers while keeping a sense of humor in the stories.

Join along as Jim Flynn tells us about the life altering surgery that made him change his path in life. Luckily for us, that path lead to his books. It doesn’t stop there, but we discuss his life in the financial world that he uses to bring his books to life. You will be saying there is something about Jim that has me wanting to read his books.

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