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ABP010 Interview: Dr. Rosemarie Downer (The High Call of Forgiveness)

In a passionate conversation about forgiving and other topics Dr. Rosemarie Downer talk about, we dive into the topics that her five books. She tells us how she uses the words of God to write her books and help guide people to heal. Dr. Downer discuss the road that started her down the road to write her books and how she wants to help people face the same challenges.

Don’t miss as Dr. Rosemarie Downer explains the power of Forgiveness and returning to God can have on your life. She wants to inspire people to find faith in God and not the church so they have a true relationship with God. It has been said that she opens your eyes to how the darker said of the world will work against you and she will help you find your path away from those darker elements.

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