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ABP044 Interview: Douglas J Lanzo The Year of the Bear

Douglas J. Lanzo is an accomplished poet who has published nearly 300 poems in 60 literary journals and anthologies around the world.  He is also the author of the award-winning novel The Year of the Bear. Taking his readers deep into Maine’s wilderness, it presents the inspirational, coming of age story of Jason Wilson.  Together with an unlikely bear cub companion, this seemingly ordinary teenage boy embarks upon a remarkable journey in his quest to become a man.  Unforeseen challenges and hidden dangers severely test Jason’s mettle, awakening extraordinary courage within him while both warming and rending our hearts along the way. The Year of the Bear is a riveting tale that has garnered high praise and ratings from teenagers and adults alike, keeping nature and adventure-loving readers of all ages spellbound.

A great story sometimes takes time to come into its own, requiring the unhurried weaving together of inspiration, memories and research into a multi-layered tapestry.  That is precisely what happened with The Year of the Bear judging from my interview with this talented author.  In our fast-moving, interactive discussion, you will discover everything from Doug’s master-brushstroke philosophy to his surprisingly emotional sources of inspiration for his rich range of literary works, from his prolific poems to his recently released, Newbery-nominated novel, The Year of the Bear, and culminating with his upcoming romance suspense novel, I Have Lived.  Listening to Doug tell us about his passion for creating these diverse literary works may leave you wondering where to start, but I assure you, no matter where you start, a remarkable and exhilarating journey awaits.

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