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ABP009 Interview: Marci Greenberg Cox (Breast Cancer Children's books)

Marci Greenberg Cox is an author of eight books focused around Breast Cancer and more on the way. In her books, she addresses how to help kids understand what mommy is going through in her children’s book. With her drive to help her kids understand what she was going through, she started her unexpected journey into becoming a published author.

In our conversation, Marci tells me how she got into the writing world and how she continued on to help others going through what she had to face. She explains how each of her books are to help someone going through Breast Cancer or the kids watching their mom handle the challenges they don’t understand. Marci does all this in a humorist and cheery spirit. The hope and encouragement she displays in our conversation is surely in her books and in all the information she puts out.

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