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ABP066 Review: Fallen by Patrick Abbott

Betrayal, mistrust, love, and aliens. Stepping into Patrick Abbott’s book Fallen brings you to a world of aliens and humans trying to work together while facing a list of problems on Earth. Patrick brings his military experience of working with other cultures to his book. Fallen leads you down a unusual story.

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ABP040 Interview: Patrick Abbott (The Fallen)

Patrick Abbott builds on his life as a geographer and his military career to bring us his Science Fiction novel Fallen. In Patrick’s first novel, he shows a world where aliens and humans are working together, but to whos best interest is it towards? Bringing the true effects of PSTD on a veteran and explores how he handles life thrown into playing diplomat to aliens.

Patrick Abbott guides us into his novel Fallen and a world he devolved. In our conversation, Patrick explains the back story of his book and the characters he wrote. Between his past military career and the help of his military friends, Patrick brings the whole science fiction book to life and how he tells us of his book, builds the desire to read his book Fallen.

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