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Scott Warrick
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Scott Warrick ( ) is an employment and labor attorney, HR professional, national speaker and two-time best-selling author. Scott Warrick has been an Employment Law Attorney and HR Professional with almost 40 years of hands-on experience. Scott uses his unique background to help organizations build morale and avoid lawsuits in his own unique, practical and entertaining style. Scott's clients range from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies to government institutions. Scott travels the country presenting seminars on over 50 topics, including Diversity and Tolerance. Scott’s book, Solve Employee Problems Before They Start: Resolving Conflict in the Real World, is a #1 Best Seller for Business and Conflict Resolution. It was also named by EGLOBALIS as one of the best global Customer and Employee books for 2020-2021. Scott’s most recent book, Scott’s most recent book, Living The Five Skills of Tolerance: A User’s Manual For Today’s World, is also a #1 Best Seller in 13 categories on Amazon. Scott custom designs programs to present on-site for employers and conferences on many human resource, employment law and tolerance topics. Scott also posts many different free training videos on his website at

  • Solve Employee Problems Before They Start: Resolving Conflicts In The Real World Living
  • The Five Skills of Tolerance: A User’s Manual For Today’s World  (This same book is also under the alternative title of Tolerance and Diversity for White Guys … and Other Human Beings: Living The FIVE Skills of Tolerance)

I like to steer my practice in a way that will help other people live better lives, which includes: 1. Creating tolerant workplaces, 2. Helping people improve their emotional intelligence, 3. Helping people better use their EPR skills to resolve conflict (EPR stands for Empathic Listening, Parroting and “Rewards.”) and 4. Improving their brain health. THAT is what I find rewarding.