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Patrick Abbott
Fiction, Nonfiction
Paranormal, Historical fiction, Science Fiction
United States
Born and raised in South Dakota, I was educated to be a geographer, though now I am certified coach and author. Previously, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving in a cultural liaison role, where I gained some hard-learned lessons. Coming back, I was assigned to assist those struggling with redeployment issues. This and my own challenges in "the real world" really opened my eyes to the hidden struggle many veterans feel when most people think their "war is over." I now live in the Washington, DC-area.

Fallen (Science Fiction)

All the characters in my book Fallen are at least inspired by people I met while deployed. Many lines about PTSD were taken verbatim from things I was told by those who suffered from it. Many people think PTSD is obvious, but few know how many "functional" people suffer from crippling PTSD. The character of Brendan in Fallen is dedicated to them.