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Nauman A. Raja
Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller
United States
I'm Nauman Raja, and I'm the author of "The Land of Amer." This is my first book.I was born in a small village in Pakistan. Ever since we moved to Pennsylvania, I was always interested in fantasy books, but my reading skills were limited. Many times, I ended up creating my own story out of the stories I was trying to read. I found this easier for me when I was growing up and learning, but my love for fantasy evolved into a desire to create it myself.I discovered that I wanted to write a high fantasy book with South Asian themes and lore and a mixture of European touches. Words, locations and names in "The Land of Amer" are all based in a South Asian background.

The land of Amer: Kingdom of the North

Working on 2nd and 3d land of amer series. Helping to co write a new series called the solar express.