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Fitz Koehler

My first publisher was Adams Media. I chose self-publishing after that.

Self-Published, Traditional
Self-help / Personal, Motivational, Health
United States
Noisy. Bossy. Compelling. FItz Koehler of is the author of multiple books, including My Noisy Cancer Comeback, Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong, and Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal. She's a busy keynote speaker, a professional race announcer, and a fitness expert, and she's excited to help you do better and be better.
  • My Noisy Cancer Comeback: Running at the Mouth, While Running for My Life
  • Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong
  • Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal
  • Everything Flat Belly Cookbook

Fitness innovator Fitz Koehler, MSESS, brings her highly-credentialed fitness expertise and cancer-crushing street cred to this book after strategically designing her own return to physical greatness. She endured 15 months of chemotherapy, 33 rounds of radiation, and surgeries for breast cancer in 2019-2020. Using her wealth of knowledge, she rebounded from sick, scrawny, and dreadfully weak to Boston Marathon finisher in just over a year. Fitz is passionate about helping her fellow cancer patients and survivors worldwide by sharing the knowledge and motivational skills that will allow them to rebuild their bodies without any setbacks. Fitz has a master's degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences and decades of experience teaching fitness around the globe. She is a mass-media pro who specializes in communication via TV, radio, podcasts, books, blogs, and magazines. She's also a powerful and compelling keynote speaker and spokesperson who's presented for companies like Disney, Oakley, Office Depot, Tropicana, the American Cancer Society, and many others. Known as one of the most prominent race announcers in America, Fitz serves as the voice of massive running events like the Los Angeles Marathon, Buffalo Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, Route 66 Marathon, The Donna Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, and many others. Fitz's memoir My Noisy Cancer Comeback: Running at the Mouth, While Running for My Life has already had a huge impact on the cancer community. It serves as a tremendous source of insight, laughter, and motivation for attacking cancer with grit and grace.