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Douglas J. Lanzo

Ambassador International

Adventure, Romance, YA (Young Adult), Historical fiction
United States

Doug is an award-winning author with over 270 inspirational and evocative poems published in 47 journals and 6 anthologies spanning 5 continents since 2019, including in the U.S., Austria, England, Wales, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Mauritius and The Caribbean. His debut novel, a coming of age adventure book releasing this November 1st entitled I Have Lived, has been endorsed by New York Times bestselling author and Emmy-Award winning Executive Producer, Josh Lieb. It is also being nominated for the John Newbery Medal and has won a Firebird Award (placing second in the Coming of Age category). His page-turning romance suspense novella, I Have Lived, is also being published by Ambassador International and releasing sometime next year.
A General Counsel of a small business by day and a creative writer by night, Doug lives with his wife and identical twin sons, Alex and Gregory, both internationally published poets, in Chevy Chase, MD together with their cat, hermit crabs and puffer fish.

  • The Year of the Bear (coming of age; young adult action adventure; historical fiction)
  • I Have Lived  Coming 2023 (romance suspense; adult; military)
  • Poems published in six anthologies (Poems)
  • Professional legal articles as well as editorials for The Harvard Crimson and co-authored an international relations article in The Harvard International Review.

I use my author’s voice to inspire and uplift readers, in both my stories and my poems. The poet in me provides crisp and vivid images that sear into a reader's mind while my storytelling ability immerses the reader into a world where characters come to life and the reader comes to know and love them, sharing their experiences as they navigate worlds full of danger, beauty and suspense. Some of my favorite and most influential authors are C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael Crichton, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, J.K. Rowling, Elizabeth George Speare, Wilson Rawls, Jules Verne, and Jack London. Some of my favorite poets include Robert Frost, Emily Dickson, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Pushkin, Yeats, Scott Mason, Kristen Lindquist and Chad Lee Robinson. I love to learn deeply about each topic that I cover in my novels, novellas and poems so make them authentic, realistic and evocative. I thank God for my writer's voice and inspiration, and my identical twin sons, Gregory and Alexander, who brighten each day and inspire much of my creative writing. The Year of the Bear is dedicated to them in the words of my “Lighting up Life’s Sky” poem published in Time of Singing’s Spring 2021 Issue: Pollux and Castor Gemini twin stars of spring brighten my night sky commemorating the birth of my precious lights—twin boys. Last spring they told me how much they loved The Year of the Bear and strongly encouraged me to publish it. The rest is history . . .