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Ambassador International is a publisher of Christian books for more than 40 years with a mission is to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ and promote His Gospel through the written word. We believe through the publication of Christian literature, Jesus Christ and His Word will be exalted, believers will be strengthened in their walk with Him, and the lost will be directed to Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.


Living The Next Chapter podcast features great authors and publishers!  We want our Authors to be able to share their prized writings with an ever growing audience of fellow Authors and Readers! A podcast interview will help you as a writer and author to promote your book.

Have you ever thought about writing your first book? After writing my first novel, I wanted to uncover how other authors went from an idea to a published book. Hopefully, you can find the motivation to take your idea to a printed book. We are here to motivate you; once you publish it, we can have you on the Author Ecke. Tell Us Your Story.

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