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The Author Blurb podcast would be a great place to get the word out about your book. We are looking to get authors who went to have a thirty minutes to an hour conversation. These conversations would involve your book(s) and letting people know a little about you.

If you’re would like to be considered to come on the show, fill out the form below. Just be aware that there a few guidelines and rules that needs to be followed.

To Anyone selected, I will be sending out a list of general questions. These will not be the only questions or I may not ask all the questions, but you will have an idea of what will be coming.

Also be aware that all shows and the content of the shows will have a copyright belonging to Author Blurb and Gremlin Publishing.


  • Keep it clean. I don’t want to edit out the conversation. The show is meant to be for everyone and not everyone is a fan of cursing.
  • If you want to discuss politics, that is up to you. Unless your book covers politics, I will just disregard the recording and delete the recording. This show is not to be political, it doesn’t matter who are for. Also this might be a helpful hint. Telling me you want to discuss politics as a topic of interest will not get you approved.
  • I will be putting the information you provide me on the show notes and my guest list. Remember the first item and keep it clean if you want to be considered.
  • Be willing to have a happy conversation. We are doing this to entertain as well as help you sell your books.
  • The show will be done over Zoom and recorded. The recordings will be posted, so dress how ever you feel is a good look for you. Just be fully dressed.
  • Headphones with microphone will help you sound better. You don’t need a professional microphone, but the better you sound, the more people will listen to you.