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ABP046 Interview: S.A. Jewell -Solomon's Concubine and more

ABP046 Interview: S.A. Jewell -Solomon's Concubine and more

S.A. Jewell started her writing life with two Christian Fiction teens books. In A Christmas Dinosaur and Visit from a shepherd Boy where she takes her readers and a young boy Josh back in time to learn about the first Christmas; then the story that followed. Sara being called to help people find Jesus, she then moved onto adult fiction with Blink and Of Friends and Followers. Then comes her latest book of Solomon’s Concubine where this Christian Historical Fiction looks at what it was as a concubine for the great King Solomon.

S.A. Jewell comes on to discuss her books and the research she did to bring her books to life for her readers. Listening to Sara talk, you get a feeling of her books and understanding she poured into her books. As a Christian author of five books, she explains a bit of the biblical history in her stories and what drove her to write her books. Using fiction to bring biblical stories to life and to the attention of the community; as she informs us, her past readers find her books to be powerful. I am sure her future readers will too.

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